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Do the whirlwind...

and carry the hope that stings.

YOSH! It's Mogura!
15 June 1989
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  • speakwithdead@gmail.com
  • strange_infatuation


Name: Mogura, AKA Moggie
Age: 17
Birthdate: 06/15/1989
Current Location: Redding, CA
Journal Status: Semi friends-only.
AIM: my lotus bloom
MSN: lilting_lotus@hotmail.com

Facts about Moggie:

1. Rock Lee fangirl XCORE.
2. Loves Lee/Sasu.
3. Is a hermit.
4. Makes damn good eggs.
5. Dislikes relish.
6. Is known to bite.
7. Is German, but speaks none.
8. Is optimistic to a fault.
9. Is all for the yuri, yaoi, and the het.
10. Makes dorky FSTs.

Food: Cookies. Seriously.
Drink: Milk and Pepsi.
Color: Green.
Band(s): Placebo, Modest Mouse, Vast, Muse.
Movie: Paper Moon.
Book: Brave New World.
Anime: .hack, Hellsing, Naruto, Saiyuki.
Manga: Alichino, Bizenghast, Death Note, Red River.

♥LeeSasu is Cracked-out Fuzzy-browed Sharingan Love.♥