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YOSH! It's Mogura!

Hmmm... Anyone know where to get a free copy of Winzip? Because I need it rather badly, and there is no way in hell my poor ass is going to pay for it.

Also, I bring you the next playlist in my 'Mogura is a fucking dork' series: Awesomecore no Jutsu. This one's not really about characters in Naruto, rather, it's about the characters in shura_musouka, and the general theme of the RP. Trust me. Anything I happen to be involved in has a tendency to turn very dark, sometimes squicky, and this playlist, I hope, conveys that.

A lot of the songs are about engeki, also known as Saiyomi Ayatsuru. Out of all the characters I play in the comm (three, to be exact), I like her as a character best. She's so... intricate and complex. I worked on her history, mannerisms, and everything for a long time. I really think of her as another part of myself. Not so much the ninja part as her personality and beliefs. It's not near as fun if all your characters are for love and justice. She's not exactly for the death of all mankind, but rather, she is one of those people who believe that there is only power in this world, not good or evil, and those who utilize it properly. I often find myself thinking this way, too.

...that paragraph went on awhile. Anyway, these songs should be nice to listen to even if you have no idea as to what the fuck is going on in the RP. :D

Mostly, though, the CD's just a general mood type-deal. ^^ Good for writing posts, I hope.

As with the last one, I'll give y'all the lyric links as well as the download links. :3 I'm using megaupload this time, to be sure that my files last a bit longer. I'll also be making a big playlist of all the songs I have, so that you can request them if you'd like. That might not be this particular post, though. D:

1. Natural Blues - Moby |Lyrics||Download|
2. Lullaby - The Cure |Lyrics||Download|
3. Talk Show Host - Radiohead |Lyrics||Download|
4. I Want Love - Akira Yamaoka |Lyrics||Download|
5. Come into Our Room - Clinic |Lyrics||Download|
6. Mascara - Deftones |Lyrics||Download|
7. Something Rotten - Placebo |Lyrics||Download|
8. Touched - VAST |Lyrics||Download|
9. How Soon is Now? - The Smiths |Lyrics||Download|
10. We Were Bound (To Bend the Rules) - The Velvet Teen |Lyrics||Download|
11. Slow Hands - Interpol |Lyrics||Download|
12. Dark Love Poem - The Notwist |Lyrics||Download|

Speaking of the roleplay, I'm starting to try and shape where I want the actual plotline to go. I've not given much away, but I -do- have a plan. It just may take a little while.
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